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Stockton Portsmen - Youth In Harmony Programs

This site is sponsored by the Stockton chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Its purpose is to introduce young people in the Stockton area to the Barbershop style of A Capella singing as a means of attracting more of them to vocal music in schools.

Barbershop is a fantastic sound, especially for the person singing it. The Portsmen are dedicated to providing materials, programs and encouragement to help students sing better while enjoying ensemble singing with three or more friends.

Different schools have different goals and different needs. Our goal is to be flexible in helping provide the help you need, without interfering with your program. We can come to your school and give a demonstration, get music for you, and/or provide coaching during or after school. In addition, there are special events all year, some of which can yield funding for your school program.

The Portsmen also have open rehearsals that anyone may attend to join in the fun of singing. This can be a good avenue for the students keep in vocal shape over the summer while getting a chance to perform at local festivals, concerts and sporting events.

Our programs include:

Music and Learning Tracks

The Barbershop Harmony Society has many FREE barbershop arrangements available. Check out the Free 'n Easy Series.

For more robust and contemporary arrangements, contact the Youth In Harmony coordinator and you can get access to music and learning tracks the Portsmen use. Or we can help you navigate the Harmony Marketplace and help you select something special for your singers. We'll probably even buy it for you!!!

School Visits and Coaching

We are making free music and coaching available to any group that wants to form a quartet or ensemble. We will come to a school during or after school, or to a parent's house and provide craft sessions on your schedule. Contact the Youth In Harmony Coordinator.

We are offering summer programs for all schools.

You can also join us at Stockton Portsmen rehearsals on Tuesday evenings at 7 PM - no obligation to join. We'll provide craft sessions during the evening, as well as singing with our mixed chorus. Let us know you're coming.

Youth Harmony Camp

October 18-20, 2019

Youth Harmony Camp in Pollock Pines, CA is sponsored by the Barbershop Harmony Society - a magical weekend for high school age boys. The cost is $95 which covers music, registration, room, and board. If you have a student who wants to go but lacks financial resources, we are able to assist. Registration forms can be found on the camp web site along with answers to questions you may have. Feel free to contact the camp director Richard Lund directly.

2019 Harmony Camp will feature Rooftop Records and Wildfire along with clinicians Gabe Caretto (Dean), Chris Lewis, Ron Black, and Bruce Sellnow. We’re really looking forward to this year; and with your help we’ll have one hundred plus young men at Harmony Camp 2019 in Pollock Pines.

With top level quartets, four top level clinicians, and a hundred young men mixed together for a weekend of barbershop harmony, truly magical things happen during the weekend. And there is so much more that needs communicating about this incredible experience. At Harmony Camp we focus on fundamentals: the fundamentals of vocal singing, proper breathing, and basic posture. Over the weekend the boys experience living in the wonderful world of barbershop harmony Through their learning of four or five songs, learning and singing tags, and participation in the totally positive culture that is barbershop.

The skills honed at Youth Harmony Camp are useful to all singers, not just barbershoppers. As a music educator, you are welcome to join us as guests of the District for all or a part of the weekend. One choral director commented "My boys learned in three days what it would have taken me weeks to teach them."

Please let all of your male students know about this opportunity.

Mountain Harmony Camp

November 15-17, 2019

MOUNTAIN HARMONY CAMP IS A THREE DAY MUSIC CAMP FOR GIRLS AGE 13 AND UP, DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO TRAIN YOUNG SINGERS IN A CAPPELLA HARMONY, BARBERSHOP STYLE. - SPONSORED BY SWEET ADELINES INTERNATIONAL, REGION 12'S YOUNG WOMEN IN HARMONY PROGRAM, STUDENTS ARE OFFERED THE HIGHEST QUALITY INSTRUCTION BY CERTIFIED MUSIC EDUCATORS AND TOP PERFORMING SINGERS IN THE BARBERSHOP ART FORM. held at Alliance Redwood's in Occidental, CA. The cost for 3 days of workshops, two nights lodging, and 5 meals is $150. Our clinician will be Dede Nibler, Master Director of Sacramento Valley Chorus, our section teachers and guest quartet is Love Notes, 2014 Sweet Adelines International Quartet winners. We also have a professional choreographer, and regional teaching faculty. Registration forms can be found on the camp web site along with answers to questions you may have.

Adventures In Music Weekend

Early 2020

Also for the young women, consider attending Adventures in Music Weekend - a weekend long comprehensive workshop, centered on improving vocal production skills, and learning the art of a cappella style Barbershop Harmony. This curriculum, designed for the high school level, includes;

Please let all of your female students know about this opportunity.

Annual Portsmen Fall Show & Spring Ice Cream Social

The Portsmen encourage any A Capella group to consider singing on our fall show or at the spring ice cream social. Contact any Portsmen member to get the ball rolling on having because we always hope to feature many local high school groups. In the past, high school choir members have attended an A Cappella Workshop or Harmony Camp coming away with enough performance savvy to land a spot on our shows.

In addition to having a performance opportunity, students will get to sing with the chorus on the finale, meet and sing with members of whatever headliner quartet we have on our show, and earn a donation to their high school music program.