Portsmen Sound Bytes and Videos

FWD Fall Contest in Modesto - 2019

The Portsmen loved presenting That's An Irish Lullaby and I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover at the Far Western District Competition in Modesto. We were excited to share our rendition of the Acoustix 1990 International contest set. We hope that it will bring back memories for you old time barbershoppers and will speak to an audience that hadn't heard these fabulous arrangements before.

Stockton Portsmen - 2019 Contest Set

ACapella All Aglow - 2018

The Portsmen loved presenting ACapella All Aglow. There were some technical difficulties recording the first half - Likely a bandwidth issue or signal strength problem. The video dropped and audio is choppy, too. But still nice to hear what we sounded like! The second half, that included our own quartet Roayal Flush, and our headliner Dynamix came out better.

ACapella All Aglow - 1st half (audio only)
ACapella All Aglow - 2nd half