Bill Litz

Bill Litz started directing the Stockton Portsmen Chorus in 2002.

At that point, Bill's barbershop experience was very limited. Way back in college, as a Music Education major, he'd sung in a couple quartets without realizing the whole infrastructure that the Barbershop Harmony Society provided.

Music was a "fun thing to do", but Bill didn't see that as his career. So after a change of direction he was on track to become a computer professional. Music took a back seat while Bill embarked on a career and it wasn't until some "old guys" at church asked him to do some gospel barbershop that he found what a fun and gratifying experience barbershopping could be. Soon he, and his son Jordan were competing in division and district contests.

The Stockton Chapter has always had a friendly group of men that approach barbershop in a supportive and encouraging manner. Even though Bill had changed his career path from Music to Software Engineering, he'd still been very involved in music; singing, playing trumpet, guitar and bass; performing with church groups and his family - but not doing much in the way of directing. This supportive environment was the perfect place to dust off those old books and help the Stockton guys get more enjoyment from their barbershop experience.

The Stockton guys have had a history of doing entertaining shows and still have that as their main focus, but under Bill's direction the singing improved allowing the Portsmen to achieve district level scores for the first time in 25 years.

Bill is proud to work with these fine men and hopes that you will consider joining them in making music and experiencing the joys of barbershopping that seem to evade most of us until later in life.

Bill's realization is that "barbershopping allows ordinary singers to do extraordinary things".